Pamela and the Boys


Since Michael is still in NYC most of the time, I've had lots of solo time with the boys. This photo was taken on an outing to a nearby town for "A Day Out With Thomas" -- a rail-themed family-centric festival. Part of the fun included a 25 minute train ride.



Callum (at around 8 wks) Rory (at 12 weeks)



CallumandAimee-wedding Originally uploaded by Pamela PC Just a hint of the gorgeousness that was Italy -- and Caroline and Stephen's wedding. We had an amazing time and the whole family made it back and forth without too many disasters.

Scooting away


Today, I watched my eldest son take off to school (accompanied by daddy, of course) on his brand-new birthday-present scooter. As this newly-minted 3-year-old whizzed away, struggling a little to find his balance and master turning, I thought, "my little boy is growing up." How bittersweet. I'm sure the copious amounts of cupcake frosting we'll [...]

Leaving California


On Wednesday, the moving truck drove away with all of our things, and we checked into the motel where we'd be sleeping for our last two nights in California. But then we headed back to the neighborhood for one last hurrah -- a laid-back dinner at our wonderful neighbors' house. They'd ordered from a legendary [...]

Aunt Mary’s Visit

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While Michael is off on his business trip to Japan, my Aunt Mary has come to help out with Callum. She's discovered he's quite a handful -- and also a sweet beautiful boy (if I say so myself...). Anyway, here's a pic of Aunt Mary with the little one. Oh, one quick update on Callum. [...]