Family Life

Anna Maria Island — Seabirds, Turtles & More


If Disney was an exploration of urbanism and the behavior of crowds, Anna Maria Island has been nearly the opposite -- immersion in nature (including nearly constant rain). Here the beauty is mostly natural though I've also found lovely examples of architecture as well. The environment is mostly walkable, too, as the island offers a [...]

The Disney Experience


The trip we're on now will be an epic vacation to remember, of that there is no doubt. The boys are 7 and 10 -- old enough to behave themselves (this is a relative concept, of course) and mature enough to appreciate activities beyond the playground. So, when Michael's middle elder brother and his family [...]

Farewell To “The Biscuit”


Lately, our minds have cast back to the winter of 2003-2004, when a certain vehicle -- eventually to be known as "The Biscuit" -- came into our lives. Michael and I were fairly newly married and we'd moved to a 2 bedroom apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, where the alternate-side on-street parking restrictions were loose [...]

Rest In Peace, John E. Parker (Pamela’s Father)


My father passed away last night. Here's the full, detailed obituary that we published in the Groveton newspaper: John Elvin Parker of Groveton, Texas, passed away on Sunday, February 12, at Houston Hospice at the age of 78, after a battle with leukemia. He was born on September 26, 1933 in Groveton, Texas, on Magee [...]

Memories of Warren Street


On the eve of our big move, I have this need to honor, to remember, to sanctify, somehow, the home in which we spent the last two and a half years or so. As always seems to happen, I have this fear that I'll forget, and somehow deny the significance of, all the marvellous and [...]