Memories of Warren Street


On the eve of our big move, I have this need to honor, to remember, to sanctify, somehow, the home in which we spent the last two and a half years or so. As always seems to happen, I have this fear that I'll forget, and somehow deny the significance of, all the marvellous and [...]



CallumandAimee-wedding Originally uploaded by Pamela PC Just a hint of the gorgeousness that was Italy -- and Caroline and Stephen's wedding. We had an amazing time and the whole family made it back and forth without too many disasters.

Cutest passport photo ever

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Cutest passport photo ever Originally uploaded by Pamela PC In preparation for our trip to Italy for Caroline and Stephen's wedding, we've been jumping through bureaucratic hoops to get a passport for Rory. One step was getting this passport photo. To be acceptable to the authorities, he had to be facing forward with his eyes [...]